Malcolm CasSelle Expanding his Reach into Video Game Industry with WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is the man behind the newest entrant into the world of video game asset trading. He is the founder and President of WAX, but he is also the CIO of OPSkins, a company with a similar business plan.

WAX and OPSkins are both in the business of providing video game assets to customers. OPSkins is the leading supplier of rare skins and other items. Customers can find items for games such as CS:GO, PUBG, and DOTA 2 on OPSkins.

WAX aims to take the creativity of OPSkins and expand on it. Instead of simply being a provider of select goods for select games, WAX will be a decentralized marketplace where consumers can sell anything they want. WAX doesn’t only want to accommodate the gaming industry. Malcolm CasSelle also wants traders of non video game digital assets to use his platform. CasSelle even welcomes his competitors to try out WAX.

While most cryptocurrencies are being used for questionable reasons like illegally activities and investments, Malcolm CasSelle believes the future of crypto is the video games. “The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream,” Malcolm CasSelle said.

Malcolm CasSelle earned his expertise on programming and tech at MIT and Stanford, earning a Computer Science degree at each school.

CasSelle was an early pioneer of the internet, creating NetNoir, an Afrocentric culture and discussion website. Netnoir was eventually accepted as a part of the AOL Greenhouse Program.

CasSelle has been a part of two Hong-Kong based companies: Capital Union Investments and Pacific Century Cyber Works.

His prior experience in the video game industry is with Tencent, an investment company that has invested heavily in the video game industry, and Xfire, a client that allowed users to chat about and stream video games. Now, with WAX, CasSelle has stepped even further into the video game world.


Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian businessman, proprietor, sportsman and the owner of one of the biggest shopping malls in Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall which is situated in Brazil’s Paraiba city is the businessman’s brainchild.



The Brazilian businessman was born in 1958 and he was raised in Joao Pessoa. At a very young age, he decided to start a cartoon company that was manufacturing cardboards, designing them and folding them. It is these cartons that he would supply to various companies that needed them. After getting enough capital, he purchased land in the city where he grew up in. In 1987,he started the construction of the building near the city center into the Manaira Shopping area.


By 1989, the construction of the popular mall in the Paraiba state was complete. This popular shopping mall features state of the art facilities and it’s a unique attraction of the city. The Manaira Shopping mall hosts a variety of shopping alternatives in its various shops. Over the years, Roberto Santiago has been able to turn it into everyone’s dream. It has a huge food court that can accommodate the whole family. For entertainment lovers, the shopping mall has a theater, a concert hall on the rooftop, and an amusement park. It also has sports and gaming facilities which include a gaming area and a center for fitness. The Manaira Shopping Mall features various banks. It also caters to the education needs of the residents with a college.



In 2009, the construction of the Domus Hall was completed on Manaira Shopping Mall’s rooftop. This massive hall can host approximately 10,000 people. The two-story hall has enough space for large conferences, concerts, exhibitions, and fairs. In addition to this, it has a mezzanine floor that hosts private functions and includes lounge music. The hall’s ground floor contains state of the art sound equipment. Moreover, it has advanced acoustics, which ensure that this area can hold theater productions, concerts, and other public events.


The Manaira Shopping Mall’s food court caters to everyone’s taste. This is because it has been expanded thrice just to ensure that it offers quality food from all the leading outlets. The huge gaming area in the mall features an alley for bowling and an amusement park that is controlled electronically. The shopping mall’s shops have books, clothing, furniture, sports equipment and gear, jewelry among many others.



Roberto Santiago has a degree in Business Administration. The businessman acquired it from the Joao Pessoa university center.The businessman is planning to open other malls in the major cities of Brazil.