Newswatch T.V. Still Capable to Pop

Avanca is a company that creates electronic gadgets that are really helpful and convenient. They recently created something called the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. This was a miniature computer that would give users access to the web and many other things from a small and easy platform. They wanted to get this ingenious invention to the masses as soon as possible and created a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. This was to get funds for the product. In order to insure the funds, they need they had to secure at last 10,000 dollars or they would receive nothing. To meet this end, they recruited Newswatch T.V. to create a one-minute promo spot for the product.

Newswatch tv is a very reliable and trusted source that a lot of people go to receive the latest news in the technological world. The show has over 1,000 episodes and has many celebrities grace its stage. The show focuses on product reviews to get the word out on products that the masses may like or find useful. By reviewing they show the facets of products and avoid a lot of bias. The show has won many rewards for its work and unique platform. It was a perfect match for what Avanca wanted done.

Newswatch created the one-minute tv spot and review. This one-minute product review was all it took to guarantee the success of this product as they surpassed the projected numbers and sales completely. They raised over 400,000 dollars and received over 2000 percent of what the campaign was asking of them in the 30-day time window. The combined effort of Newswatch tv’s review and the crowdfunding campaign lead the product to overwhelming success. The product was seen in 200 markets in the U.S. 96 million people watched it cross their screen. Newswatch T.V. after 20 years on air still has the ability to make a product pop.


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