A Christmas Without Securus Technologies Is No Christmas At All

I cannot picture a Christmas without Securus Technologies after watching their amazing Christmas visit video. Many children, even those with many gifts, cry on Christmas morning because they cannot see or even speak with their incarcerated parent(s). Watching this child speak with his father through a monitor on Christmas morning will make any parent come to tears. This child stated how he did not touch one gift until he was able to speak with his father. His father felt so important and so love, and the son felt the same way. It was as if the father was with his son in person.


Securus Technologies is changing lives with their new video technology. They are going to make children and incarcerated parents happy on Christmas day by giving them the greatest gift of all, which is communication. This new technology will allow inmates to speak with their children throughout the entire process of them opening their Christmas presents.


Prisons accepting this new technology will have dozens of monitors, so many conversations can go on at the same time. Children can easily create a secure account online. Securus Technologies has made this technology so simple that even a five-year-old will have no problem gaining access to a video conversation with their incarcerated parent.


Securus Technologies does love helping inmates and their children keep face to face contact, but they also love helping the government uphold the law. They is why they have programs such as monitoring solutions. This is a program where Securus Technologies technology is used to place a tracking device on adults and juveniles.


The tracking devices provided by Securus Technologies are the best on the market. Additionally, Securus Technologies launches a campaign within the community that accepts that technology. Volunteers and anonymously sign up to watch out for individuals using trickery to get out of their tracking device. Some of this trickery can include things like placing the tracking device on a pet or researching ways to disconnect the alarm built within the device.


The monitoring solutions program has helped many communities keep bad individuals behind bars. Consequently, it has helped communities be more safe, especially those with high numbers relating to violence and drugs. The best part of all is that Securus Technologies will freely provide this service to any community that asks for it. This also saves inmates money. They no longer have to pay three or even five hundred dollars a month to wear a tracking device.