The Ability To Build Amidst The Opposition

One thing that I admire is the ability for someone to build something from nothing. This is exactly what Malini Saba has done. She was born to a middle class family. However, she has moved to the United States and lived in poverty with her husband for a while. Meanwhile, she was able to get an education. This is one thing that has helped her a lot. Her husband was taking classes at a University. Since she was married to the student, this allowed her to take some classes of her own so that she can get the education needed to move forward.


One thing that is admirable about Malini is that she did not settle for less. She has taken the time to build something that was very successful. She also stepped out bravely and took on all of the opposition that tried to prevent her from achieving that. While she has eventually made money, she has also had to spend a lot of money because of the fierce opposition. There were people that were trying to keep her from pursuing her dreams. However, she has fought real hard for her rights. While she did ultimately win, it did come at a price.


One major price she had to pay was that her first company died. One thing that could be said for her is that she was really resilient. For one thing, she did not let that cause her to resign towards settling for a minimum wage job that she doesn’t want. If there is one thing that could be a waste of life, it is settling for a job just to get by. Malini saw better for herself. She went ahead and started to build again. This time, she has succeeded, even though she had to fight a similar battle.


Malini Saba is someone that inspires me and plenty of others that want to build the best life possible. Like me, she does not believe in just settling for a job. She has likely came across people that would act as friends who would tell her to just get a low paying job. I didn’t fall for that, and neither did she.


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