Amazing Facts about Eric Pulier that will Motivate You to Do More

Eric Pulier is among few professionals who have invested their time into building the world and making the lives of many people better. He is a passionate giver and someone who has invested a lot into the development of careers among different people. Since when he was a young boy, Eric Pulier showed passion for business and most specifically technology.

This passion pushed him to research to learn more about computer programming and through the effort he was able to launch a computer database company while in high school. When he graduated in 1984 from Teaneck High School, Eric proceeded to make choices that saw him choose different courses at the university.

He attended the Harvard University, where he pursued a course oriented to humanities and languages, American Literature and English. He would not leave his passion for computer programming behind, so he joined the MIT College for Computer Science. In 1988, he completed both degrees and emerged with high honors.

Success and career
Having graduated with two degrees, Eric Pulier proceeded to Los Angeles in 1991 and his mission was to launch and pursue his career full time. At this point he had an idea he was already working on and before the end of the year, he established People Doing Things, a company that used technology to communicate the issues that were ailing different government sectors.

Following his dedication and resolve, Eric Pulier worked on to see that his career grew to the level he so desired. His dedication saw him win a position to work as the head of the Technology Exhibition that was run during the second inauguration of Al Gore and Bush government. He sequentially arranged the items to be showed and gave the audience a chance to have some interaction with space shuttle astronauts.

Eric Pulier has also published several books and journals. One of his publications, Understanding Enterprise SOA addresses the issues prevalent in the business world and how they are interdependent. He offers a real picture of the business world using real examples and advises upcoming entrepreneurs on how to handle several challenges.

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