Latin Lawyer, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho Providing Competent Legal Representation to His Clients

Brazil’s legal profession is regulated by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB). Founded in 1930, the OAB has its headquarters in Brasília, Federal District. As of 2013, the organization had 847,921 lawyers. Every graduate from a school of law must first register with the Order of Attorneys of Brazil in order to practice law in the country. Only graduates that are duly registered with OAB can appear before a Court of Law.
The Bar examination

The bar examination is a test that determines the eligibility of a candidate to act on behalf of clients in a Court of Law. In Brazil, the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (English- Order of Attorneys of Brazil), the Brazilian Bar Association, unifies and organizes bar examination two to three times a year (normally in March, August, and December).

The Bar examination is organized in two phases – the written test that consists of 80 multiple choice questions that cover Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law, Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, and Administrative Law. Students are required to score not less than 40 questions correctly for them to proceed to the second phase of the exam which consists of four essay questions as well as a drafting project in the following disciplines Civil Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Labor Law.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Ricardo is a respected lawyer in Brazil. He studied at the Mackenzie University where he got a degree in law. Ricardo also has an extension course in Business Administration (BA) from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP).

Mr. Ricardo has represented many key personalities and organizations in complex cases that have gained the country’s media attention. Ricardo has also provided legal assistance to local and international corporations, politicians and the government.

Ricardo Tosto is well known for the role he played in championing for different legal mechanisms that are today being used in Brazil’s legal community. He is a mentor to many upcoming lawyers; he mentored most of his current partners who were once interns in his firm. Go here to learn more about this famous Latin Lawyer.

Mike Baur and Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur is a current entrepreneur and former banking professional from Switzerland. He has had a long and extensive career in business that spans over twenty years. In the beginning of his career he was working in banking but then recently decided to become an independent business owner. Baur founded the company known as Swiss Start Up Factory which provides advice to business looking to start up. While Mike is currently an entrepreneur he would gain his knowledge and expertise through banking which gave him the foundation he needed to succeed as a business owner. It would also allow him to come up with this business idea of working with businesses get what they need in order to get established.

Baur’s company known as Swiss Start Up Factory has been in business for a few years and has established itself as one of the more unique companies around. It is also among the most innovative which will likely make a very positive contribution to the business world. The company holds events in which it listens to the ideas from other businesses that are looking to start up. Swiss Start Up Factory evaluates all of these ideas and chooses the one it believes has the most potential to succeed. Once it decides what business to choose, it will then work with it on a regular basis. Swiss Start Up Factory does a number of things for this company such as providing advice on market demand, industry trends, and also provides them with guidance on how much capital they need and how to get it.

Like a number of many other entrepreneurs, Mike Baur would begin his career as an employee in a specific industry. He was working in the banking industry for two decades and this gave him the experience necessary to help businesses. On a regular basis he would work with many businesspeople that were looking for ways to start a company or expand it. Mike would then give them advice and help them find ways to get the necessary resources to succeed. Most of the advice and guidance would come in the form of financial consulting. Baur would analyze revenues and assess how much capital the businesses needed in order to reach their goals. Mike would then look to provide these businesses with loans so that they can get the financial capital they need to either start up or grow.